New connections

As an independant connection provider (ICP) we have been assessed and accredited nationally by Lloyds register to carry out the following infrastructure works:
• Civil Engineering Works (including design, construction, excavation, cable laying, and reinstatement)
• Project management
• Electrical Design
• Cable laying (LV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV)
• Cable jointing (LV Dead, LV Live, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV)
• Substation installation (11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV)
• HV Cable Networks (11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV)
• Overhead Steel Tower (11kV, 33kV)
• Overhead Wooden Pole (LV, 11kV, 33kV)

EV charging solutions

UCP Choice is an authorized installer by OLEV to install charger points at residential properties and workplace.
Dwelling installations in which UCP Choice’s team provides the best solution for each customer and home-based installations
EV Charging points for vehicles that will be parked on the highway, accessible by wide range of users. Proving our excellence in design, management and installation of EV Charging Points for a wide range of electrical vehicles.
Installations adjacent to business, public and private car parks (underground car park, multi-storey car park). UCP Choice is expert in the construction of 11/0.4 kV substations, sometimes required for these projects.

Switchgear & containerised solutions

We are able to supply and install a wide range of both new and reconditioned Switchgear, including HV and LV Switchgear up to 33 kV.
Our engineers are fully trained and have received certifications from several major manufacturers.
We offer a comprehensive containerised solution including design, supply and fit out of switchgear and transformers.
We provide quotation for annual maintenance and testing contracts for facility companies and general industry. 24 / 7 contracts are catered for where requested.

Testing & commissioning

We provide comprehensive commissioning and testing services which include:
• Primary Injection
• Secondary Injection
• V.L.F. Testing
• High Voltage AC and DC pressure testing
• G59 and G99 Protection Testing
• Sheath fault detection
• Earth System testing
• Low Voltage bus bar flash testing
• Generation
• A comprehensive report and relevant test sheets support all testing and commissioning
• Full range of transformer and switchgear oil testing


We are able to supply and install a wide range of both new and reconditioned transformers, including:
Cast resin, fluid filled, and Air cooled transformers, Transformers from 100 kVA to 100 MVA Voltage up to 132 kV.
Full installation service is provided by UCP Choice highly experienced electrical engineers.
An installation, maintenance and site testing service is available should you require.

Cabling & jointing

We can undertake all required cabling and jointing up to 132 kV.

Solar development

Assessing our customers through all stages of the project.
Assessing the available and suitabilit y for solar development along side an assesment of potential grid availability.
After closing the agreement with the land owner, UCP Choice applies for a grid connectionon the identified land .
Once head of terms and option-to-lease agreement are in place with the landowner, UCP Choice will carry out the full planning permission application according to the site.
With the planning permission granted by the Local Authorities and point of connection secure from the Distribution Network Operators (DNO), UCP Choice will commence the construction of the new installation.
Once the new solar farm is built and commissioned, UCP Choice O&M department will take care the right and full performance of the site as part of their


Offering a full electrical infrastructure service and caters for ALL green energy projects and battery storage.
We have experience in the complete design and installation of all required BOP (balance of plant) and associated civilsworks.
We work with farmers and other developers in all areas of work associated with biogas.
Water companies extract methane as a means of producing biogas to power homes/industry. Sewage treatment plants are increasingly being used as a source of biogas energy.
UCP Choice has completed solar projects from 200 kW through to 40 MW. We have completed projects up to 132KV.