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Offering a full electrical infrastructure service and caters for ALL green energy projects and battery storage.

Switchgear & others

UCPC is able to supply and install a wide range of both new and reconditioned Switchgear, including High Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear up to 33kV


UCPC can supply and install a wide range of both new and reconditioned transformers.

Cabling & jointing

UCPC’s qualified engineers can undertake all required cabling and jointing up to 132KV.

Testing & commissioning

Undertaking a wide range of testing equipment. All test equipment is fully calibrated.

New connections

Either an industrial, commercial or a generation scheme we are able to provide a competitive grid connection offer.

Solar development

Providing a full service through all stages of a lifecycle of the project.

EV Charging installations

With wide experience in Electric Vehicle Installations, mostly rapid charging mode, all over the UK.

About us

At UCP Choice we are moved by the motivation of providing the best service to you.
Our team is dynamic, proactive, focused, fully dedicated and offers you more than a decade of experience to provide you with the best solution. We will work to fully satisfy your requirements, while helping you stay within budget.

We have proven our ability to deliver results in a timely manner, meeting the client’s expectations and the industry´s standards. Our strong growth rates prove the confidence our clients deposit on us and the results they get in exchange.

UCP Choice are unlike the vast majority of ICP’s, we ensure that all received ITT’s/RFQ’s are turned around in 7 working days’ maximum, we often turn quotes around in under 72 hours. We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect, and value all received orders.



National Electrical Registration Scheme

A NERS provider carries out jobs such as designing new grid connections, digging and filling trenches in and around the property to be connected, and installing electrical switches and transformers.


UCPC ltd T / A UCP Choice is accredited within the Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and has demonstrated compliance and sound management of current health and safety legislation.


Latest news and posts

We publish information on trends on training, energy studies, regulation updates
security to improve the competitive, strategic position and vision of your company. Stay tuned for more!

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